Stock the Pantry

Stock the Pantry
  • Item #: 2003

Stock the Pantry without going to the store.

Package Includes:

Paper Towels 4 rolls
Toilet Paper 6 rolls
Aluminum Foil 1 roll
Plastic Wrap 1 roll
Kitchen Trash Bags 1 Box
Napkins 1 pkgs
Ziplock Bags 1 Box
Tissues - Small Box 1 Box
Dish Liquid 1 (10oz.)    
Dishwasher Detergent 14 Packets
Liquid/Foam Hand Soap 1
Kitchen Scrub Sponges 2
Dove Body Soap 3 bars
Garnier Daily Care Shampoo 1 (13 oz.)
Garnier Daily Care Conditioner 1 (13 oz.)
Crest/Colgate Toothpaste 1
All Free & Clear "Pods" Laundry Detergent    10 Pods
16 oz. Solo Plastic Cups 24 Pack
Large Paper Plates 1 Pkg.
Salt & Pepper (5.5oz) 1 each
Cooking Spray 1 can
Sugar Packets 25
Sweet & Low Packets 25
1/2 Pound Coffee (Reg. or Decaf) 1
Coffee Filters (Mr. Coffee & Cone)  10 each
Case of Water
Microwave Popcorn  1 box
Capri Sun 100% Juce Bags  1 box
Ketchup 1 bottle 
1lb. bag of Pretzels 1 bag 



















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Add On Option:


 1 32oz Bottle of Shamrock Sun Sunscreen +$56.00 


Locally owned and produced, Shamrock Sun's Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen.  Weighing in at about two pounds (32 fl oz), this bottle is 8-10x the size of traditional tubes or cans and will keep your family covered all week! 

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