Make the Beds - Blankets &/or Mattress Pads

Make the Beds - Blankets &/or Mattress Pads
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The last thing you want to do when you get to the Shore is housework.  Don't just have us deliver the sheets.  Let us make the beds before you arrive!

This pricing for just for the bedmaking service.  Be sure to also order the linens and other bedding that you will need.

Select this option if you have chosen to also rent blankets and/or mattress pads from us and would like us to make the beds with those items along with our sheets.

If we cannot obtain keys to your rental property in advance of your arrival, we will contact you to coordinate the timing of your arrival with our delivery staff.

Fee is per bed and not per bedroom and does not include the bedding.  Please count the total number of beds. (Each mattress on a bunk bed is a bed.)

Standard Beds are $14.00 per bed.  Bunk Beds are $17.00 per mattress.  Standard Beds made with our blankets and/or mattress pads are $17 per bed.  Bunk Beds made with our blankets and/or mattress pads are $20 per bed.

If you place your Make the Beds order for standard beds but we find bunk beds when we arrive, we will charge an additional $5.00 per bunk as a separate charge after we have made your beds.  

Check-Out Procedures:

When we make your beds, we will leave a plastic container containing laundry bags for you to return the linens and towels in.  You are responsible for stripping the beds and placing all rental items in the laundry bags.

Laundry bags and delivery containers are to be placed outside no later than 9:00am on your departure day. 

If items are left inside the rental property, you will be charged a $50.00 re-entry fee.

** MODIFIED DATES:  If you're staying during dates other than those shown in our Vacation Week field (including Fri-Fri, Sun-Sun or multi-week stays) select a Vacation Week of "Modified Dates" and then enter your dates in the "Modified Arrival/Departure Dates" field. Once we receive your order, we will verify that your dates are available and send you a new confirmation.  Please see our FAQ page for questions on pricing for multi-week stays. 

*** If your Saturday arrival date is not listed under "Vacation Dates" it is because we have already sold out the number of homes that we can make up before 1pm on that date.  If you'd like us to make up your beds in the late afternoon on that date, call us to see if we can arrange a time.


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Price $17.00