Grocery Shopping

Grocery Shopping
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Want us to pick up a little more than is in our essentials packages?  Not a problem.  Write us a list!  We can run to the Acme, Fred's, etc... and deliver it all right into your rental home.  Usually before you even arrive!

We will bill you the total of your shopping bill plus $175.   Grocery bills over $300 will be charged an additional 10% surcharge on the overage.

E-mail us your list as soon as it's ready.  Please put your invoice number in the "subject" line of the e-mail.  Grocery lists must be received no later than five days before your arrival.

** MODIFIED DATES:  If you're staying during dates other than those shown in our Vacation Week field (including Fri-Fri, Sun-Sun or multi-week stays) select a Vacation Week of "Modified Dates" and then enter your dates in the "Modified Arrival/Departure Dates" field. Once we receive your order, we will verify that your dates are available and send you a new confirmation.  Please see our FAQ page for questions on pricing for multi-week stays.  

 Our first date for 2019 deliveries is May 18th. Our last date for 2019 deliveries is September 14th.

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Price $175.00