Bedding Basics Package - Whole House - No Pillows

Bedding Basics Package - Whole House - No Pillows
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Bedding Basics Package - Entire Home - Without Pillows

Includes 1 Mattress Pad, 1 of our 100% Cotton Blankets for each bed ordered

Whether you're a homeowner looking for a way to guarantee that you are providing fresh bedding each week to your tenants or you're a tenant that wants to know that your bedding is freshly washed just for you, this package is for you.  

If you are a homeowner booking for multiple weeks, you may book one week online and then email us your list of dates.  We'll enter the rest of the weeks on our system for you.  Or give us a call at 609-368-1749 to place the entire order.

*NOTE: There are no pillows in this option.  Purchase this combination if tenants are bringing their own pillows from home.

** If a week is marked as sold out, some items may still be available a la carte.  Check Blankets or Mattress Pads individually.

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