Beach Umbrella - Frankford Brand Commercial

Beach Umbrella - Frankford Brand Commercial
  • Item #: 3010

All brand new this season!  Frankford brand 7.5ft commerical grade wood beach umbrella with fiberglass ribs and marine grade fabric.  Because of their weight, they do not need a separate anchor.   

Prices are for the first rental week.  Additional weeks are available at a 50% discount.

** MODIFIED DATES:  If you're staying during dates other than those shown in our Vacation Week field (including Fri-Fri, Sun-Sun or multi-week stays) select a Vacation Week of "Modified Dates" and then enter your dates in the "Modified Arrival/Departure Dates" field. Once we receive your order, we will verify that your dates are available and send you a new confirmation.  Please see our FAQ page for questions on pricing for multi-week stays.  

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Price $50.00